Did you know: Phoque

With the price of cattle and numerous proteins on the rise as demand tips the scales on supply, the time is right for seal meat to enter the world-wide conversation. Seal has an abundant, healthy, secure, wild population that is constantly growing. There is no question that seal production can be increased in a responsible manner to fully utilize the resource.

In order to encourage seal hunters to invest their time, money and effort in the grey seal harvest buying all three seal products (meat, oil and skin) is paramount.

  • The back muscle of the animal is sold in the form of whole loin, loin in portion or smoked meat.
  • The flippers are used to make pulled seal meat recipes, jerky and various charcuteries.
  • The flank are used to make ribs and various charcuteries.
  • The trims are used to make different types of charcuteries.