One of Canada’s great Superfoods now has new distribution in the Toronto area!

SeaDNA Canada is pleased to announce a fresh partnership with one of the GTA’s best fish and seafood markets: “Off the Hook” on Yonge.

Off the Hook” will have SeaDNA Seal Meat Cuts on hand for the home consumer.

Seal loin is really easy to cook. Check our video to learn how to prepare the perfect seal tataki:

Seal is a true Canadian tradition that is sustainable, delicious and amazingly nutritious. For those who haven’t had the opportunity yet the taste is very similar to beef with a slight iodine taste and a hint of game – as you would expect from a wild meat. It goes well with mushrooms, wild berries or algae.  It is also among the healthiest proteins on earth and one Canada should celebrate.

Click here for the seal tataki recipe and cooking tips.

Harvested under strict quota and protocols enforced by the DFO and produced in CFIA-approved facilities, SeaDNA seal meat is approved for sale in any commercial setting.

For more information on SeaDNA Seal Meat:

To order from “Off the Hook” in the Toronto Area: