Cancer is an affliction that almost every Canadian has been touched by in one way or another.

It is one of the scariest words we can hear – and as such any new discoveries in treating or preventing the disease must be met with caution and trepidation.

In this new age of the internet, false claims, fake healing and large corporations funding “scientific studies” we all need to ensure that what we are reading is, in fact, based in truth and science.

It is with this caveat that we discuss a recent scientific study conducted at the University of Illinois that suggests Omega-3 supplements could actually help contain the spread of cancer.

The findings were published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.


What this study deals with is a natural pain-killing system within the body called the “endogenous cannabinoid system” or “endocannabinoid system” for short. Endocannabinoids are molecules that are found throughout the body and work with the immune and nervous systems to reduce inflammation and pain.

What the study on Omega-3 has discovered is that when the body utilizes Omega-3 fatty acids endocannabinoids called “EDP-EAs” are created that – the study claims – have tumour-fighting properties.

Aditi Das (left), professor of comparative biosciences, college of veterinary medicine; and Timothy Fan, professor of veterinary clinical medicine (Courtesy: University of Illinois)

The research was led by Professor Aditi Das and focussed on how endocannabinoid epoxides – the active property created when the body takes Omega-3 – interacts with tumour cells in lab mice.

Here are their findings:
– EDP-EAs were found to kill off cancer cells in mice, although not as well as chemotherapy drugs.
– EDP-EAs stopped tumours from growing by preventing blood vessels from supplying tumours with nutrient-rich blood.
– EDP-EAs stopped cancer cells from moving and interacting with other cells throughout the body.

Study co-author Timothy Fan says “the major cause of death from cancer is driven by the spread of tumour cells…as such, therapies that have the potential to impede cell migration also could be useful for slowing down or inhibiting metastases.”

The next steps for Professor Das and Fan is to figure out if a concentrated dose of the active EDP-EA component in Omega-3 fatty acids binds quickly and efficiently to cannabinoid receptors on tumour cells. The hope is for a breakthrough in cancer research.


Whether or not this Omega-3 supplementation can help fight cancer is something that will need to be studied WAY, WAY more and is certainly NOT a claim we are making here.

But this study does continue to show the relationship between Omega-3’s and natural systems within the body that deal with pain and inflammation.

No matter what else comes out of this study it is, once again, further evidence that Omega-3 supplementation has impressive benefits for us humans.


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