Omega-3 Seal Oil: The Athlete’s Choice ???? ???? ???? ????

Whether it’s hitting the gym, the trails or the rink; the inner push to improve is the spark that ignites that fire. You know all too well the dedication that comes with those early mornings and long days. You put the work in and you expect to see results.  The benefit of traditional Omega-3 supplements has been well documented for those who push their body to the limit. But is fish oil Omega-3 really the best option for you?   


Not only does SeaDNA seal oil provide EPA and DHA, the fatty acids at the heart of Omega-3 supplements, but it naturally contains a third in DPA.  Science has shown DPA to be an extremely beneficial addition to the basic EPA and DHA fish oils contain.


  • Is 10 X more efficient than EPA in repairing damaged vessels. 
  • Optimizes Omega-3 intake. 
  • Boosts all key omega-3’s: DPA, EPA & DHA.
  • Is a better antiplatelet than EPA and DHA, reducing the risk of blood clots.

And SeaDNA seal oil does this all without being chemically modified!


For many, their Omega-3 supplement can be a catch-22. You know you need it, but you hate those familiar and always unwelcome “fishy burps.” But with SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal oil these will be a thing of the past.

Due to the seal being a mammal and us humans being the same, our bodies have little trouble digesting and absorbing the benefits SeaDNA Omega-3 delivers. The Sn-1 and Sn-3 positioning of the seal oil triglycerides is identical to what we have in our own bodies. So, the integration of the benefits SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil provides is quick and effective.



For athletes and people with active lifestyle, one of the most prominent studies on seal oil was conducted here in Canada at the University of Toronto (Lewis et al, 2015).

Among the findings of the study after only a few weeks comparing non-users to those who did use seal oil:

  1. Seal oil helped increase VO2Max capability by aiding blood flow to capillary beds, the source of oxygen integration through the bloodstream.
  2. Seal oil boosted max force and max contraction in muscles. The most significant increase was around 20%.
  3. Seal oil led to reduced fatigue. The study showed an almost 5% difference on the Wingate test.
  4. Seal oil supplementation produced noticeable results in both neuromuscular and overall performance.


Science has also examined how seal oil can aid in recovery and has revealed some striking benefits. One of the most impressive is how well seal oil performs in repairing damaged vessels, a common ailment among athletes. It most often surfaces in the form of ruptured capillaries or bruising.

A study published by researchers in Japan (Toshie Kanayasu-Toyoda) discovered that DPA was 10x more effective than EPA alone when it came to repairing damage vessels.



The data also suggests the effect of EPA on endothelial cell migration occurs via DPA, and that DPA plays an important role in repairing damaged vessels. SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil is one of the few places on earth where DPA occurs naturally.



You demand the best of yourself. Now it’s time to give yourself the best.