With a new year now upon us SeaDNA has headed for new horizons. SeaDNA is proud to announce a new China partnership, signed during the Québec Trade Mission to China: “QUEBECCHINE2018”.

Two major events this week in the mega-centers of Beijing and Shanghai will help introduce SeaDNA’s world-class and 100% Canadian lines of Omega-3 seal oil products to the globe’s largest marketplace.

First stop on the China tour is the Capital where SeaDNA has signed a new partnership with a Beijing-based import company. 

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard was on hand for the signing that will promote and distribute SeaDNA’s products in China. 

SeaDNA is represented on this journey by Director of Business Development, Mme Romy Vaugeois. Mme Vaugeois is very familiar with the host country as she previously spent five years in China working in business while gaining an impressive command of Mandarin. Vaugeois’ language skills and knowledge of norms and practices will be invaluable as SeaDNA continues to find new avenues and partnerships to bring great Canadian seal products to the world.

Vaugeois says, “SeaDNA is pleased to be able to count on the collaboration of its Chinese partners in order to further promote this unique and abundant Canadian resource that is Omega-3 seal oil and seal meat.”

Next up is a trip south to Shanghai for a huge exposition held in one of the jewels of this international business hub.

The Festival of Québec Products in Shanghai will take place at the Daning Commerce Center(大宁国际商业广场)from January 23rd to February 11th. The Commerce Center will resemble a little Québec over this time as the province showcases the best products the area has to offer.  Not only will Quebec companies like SeaDNA get new eyes on them, the space in Shanghai will take on a decidedly Quebecois flair with the construction of a classic “Sugar Shack” and other cultural elements on display.

The Québec showcase in Shanghai will also be joined by Québec Premier Philippe Couillard for the opening ceremony on January 26th to further help promote what the province has to offer. Meetings with Chinese buyers and distributors will open many possibilities for the Québec delegation in China.


The Canadian seal harvest is sustainable, quota-based, responsible and strictly monitored by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. With an estimated population of at least 7.5 million the North Atlantic harp seal herd is incredibly abundant and at no risk.

All SeaDNA products are produced in facilities approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

SeaDNA’s line of Omega-3 products have all been certified as Natural Products by Health Canada.

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