There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for our pets. They are part of our family and enhance our lives daily. We know this very well at SeaDNA and this is why we have created SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil for Pets – so you can help enhance the life of your little beastie! We are beyond excited about this next stage of our mission to bring the best in Omega-3 to as many people and now pets as possible. 



Seal Oil has the power of 3 fatty acids: DPA + EPA + DHA. DPA occurs naturally in a few places. Seal Oil and mother’s breast milk are two. DPA increases overall Omega-3 retention and it intensifies the benefits of traditional Omega-3’s (DHA & EPA).


The mammalian molecular triglyceride structure of the seal will be more easily assimilated by your pet which means optimal digestion and absorption for better results.


Our seal oil comes from pristine and icy waters surrounding the Magdalen Islands and the coast of Newfoundland. Seals represent an abundant and renewable resource and their harvest is part of a responsible and sustainable marine ecosystem management.


Sourced and made right here in Canada, SeaDNA Seal Oil for Pets is processed to the same high standards as our human Omega-3 products and provides the same health supporting attributes.


Along with all these other good things, SeaDNA Seal Oil for Pets can also act as an appetite stimulant for those pets who may not always jump for joy at their usual food. The natural seal oil taste of our pet Omega-3 is one our dogs just can’t deny!


There are many benefits an Omega-3 can provide to a pet, but one of the biggest is the ability to fight inflammation. Inflammation is often directly tied to allergies in pets and many common skin and dander issues. Omega-3’s have been found to help in cases of dry skin and other similar disorders. Science has shown clearly that fatty acid supplementation has huge benefits.

There are many studies that have been done, but perhaps the clearest conclusion came from these ones:

Omega-3 fatty acid-enriched diets can be used to control inflammation associated with dermatologic conditions.”

Dogs receiving marine oil showed a significant improvement in pruritus […],self-trauma […] and coat character […] over time. When compared to the corn oil control over time, marine oil supplementation significantly improved pruritus […], alopecia […] and coat character […]. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of high doses of marine oil as an alternative anti-inflammatory for canine pruritic skin disease.

Omega-3 also works for cats: “[…] fish and flaxseed oil can reduce skin inflammatory responses in cats, however, flaxseed oil appears less immunosuppressive than fish oil.

 This means that if your pet has these issues an Omega-3 could be a life-changer for them.


There are numerous other benefits that have been tied to Omega-3 usage in pets which has veterinary professionals turning to them as a natural treatment for animals more and more. One that has been looked at and studied right here in Canada is mobility issues in dogs.

Researchers at the University of Montreal were able to determine that adding Omega-3 to a dog’s diet resulted in significant improvement for those having issues moving around. This study as compared the effect of a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids compared to a regular diet over a period of 13 weeks in dogs afflicted by naturally occurring osteoarthritis:  “In lame occurring osteoarthritis dogs, a veterinary therapeutic diet that contains high level of omega-3 from fish origin improved the locomotor disability and the performance in activities of daily living. Such nutritional approach appears interesting for the management of osteoarthritis.

Another study concluded, “According to owners, dogs fed the [Omega-3 supplemented] food had a significantly improved ability to rise from a resting position and play at 6 weeks and improved ability to walk at 12 and 24 weeks, compared with control dogs.

Another study conducted on cats has shown that: “Cats on the fish oil revealed higher activity level, more walking up and down the stairs, less stiffness during gait, more interaction with the owner and higher jumps compared to those on corn oil supplementation.

If your family pup or kitty is getting older SeaDNA Omega-3 for pets could help ensure their later years are as good as possible.


This is one of the most well-known benefits for humans. And wouldn’t you know it, Omega-3’s can also have huge benefits for pets as well! Once again, science has investigated and come to the conclusion that Omega-3’s aren’t just helping pets, in some cases they could even be life-savers.

In general, the studies show that adding more fatty-acids to your pet’s diet can help for common issues like arrhythmia:

Long chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce atrial vulnerability in a novel canine pacing model.

EPA may ameliorate the decrease in adiponectin and the increase in insulin and triglyceride concentrations in obese cats. (Mazaki-Tovi, 2011)

If your dog or cat has heart issues it is certainly time to look into Omega-3’s.


This all comes back to the ability of Omega-3’s to target inflammation. Many immune system disorders in both humans, dogs and cats are related to inflammation and seal oil is very powerful at fighting this. Essential Fatty Acids like seal oil remain important mid-life and then later throughout the aging process, as they have a positive effect on the immune system:

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and other marine sources appear to be capable of modifying inflammatory and immune responses in dogs.

Dietary Fatty Acid can modulate leukotriene production by neutrophils in dogs, and suggests that foods enriched in (n-3) FA from fish oil may have value in the treatment of canine inflammatory diseases.


An Omega-3 supplementation (especially DHA) is beneficial beginning with gestation and early development and is important for neurological and retinal growth:

Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and other marine sources appear to be capable of modifying inflammatory and immune responses in dogs. Information is provided on the capacity of dogs to metabolize omega-3 fatty acids and the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on […] neurologic development in puppies.

These findings indicate that preformed dietary (n-3) LCPUFA is more effective than ALA in enriching plasma DHA during perinatal development and results in improved visual performance in developing dogs.

Feeding dams a diet enriched with DHA during gestation and lactation has been associated with improvements in neurologic development of their puppies. Also, feeding diets or supplements containing DHA may improve memory or learning in young dogs.

These findings suggest that in juvenile felines, maintenance of 22:6n-3 status in the nervous system is important for optimal retinal function.

Therefore, any dog or cat breeder or any person who intends to get a puppy or a kitten in the near future should get a bottle of Omega-3 Seal Oil!

So, we’re shown you clearly that the science is in: and Omega-3 Seal Oil will help your dog or cat live a better life from day one to that unfortunate time we have to say goodbye. In between, SeaDNA Seal Oil can ensure that you and your cherished animal can enjoy as many great times together as possible. And really, that’s what it’s all about.

It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference!


CLICK HERE to learn more on SeaDNA Seal Oil or BUY NOW.


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With the adventure of a lifetime ahead of her, Canada’s own Robyn Moyles is set for the legendary challenge that is Mount Everest.

After months of preparation, Robbie leaves today (Friday, November 2) for a trip unlike anything she has faced before. But Moyles believes she has a secret weapon in completing her mission at the towering behemoth: SeaDNA seal products.

I’m originally from Newfoundland, so consuming seal meat was a regular delicious source of protein. I was introduced to seal oil a few years back and did my own research on the benefits of replacing traditional fish oil with seal oil. Within a short period of time I noticed a significant difference in my overall athletic well being/performance and it is a great aid for post recovery workout,” Moyles says.

Robbie has been a Crossfit devotee for almost a decade and has competed competitively for the last four years. Her work ethic and dedication has earned her podium finishes both here in Canada and internationally.

Robbie, now 52, says seal oil – quite simply – works better than other Omega-3 products, “During competing season, I double up on the products which my body responds to positively from the demands of my sport.   I’ve come to believe it’s a superior product and I’d never leave home without it.

Discover the difference between Seal Oil VS. Fish Oil

Fit, focused and prepared, Robbie will take her steps on Everest alongside an experienced Sherpa who will lead the way to base camp. Originally, Robbie had planned to be part of a small group. But as time progressed, she was the last woman standing.

Back in August, I attended a celebration. Among the friends there was a small team planning an Everest trip to base camp.  One of the team members had canceled and they needed a replacement for the upcoming expedition. I was invited along and here we are.  Interestingly enough, due to unforeseen circumstances I’m now the only one going.”

With her arrival at Everest approaching quickly Robbie says, “The excitement is ‘mounting’ (LOL).  My intention along with my Sherpa is to make it to base camp and from there move forward as he sees fit.

With her body full of SeaDNA Omega-3, Robbie will also have her bag full of SeaDNA Seal Jerky as she treks Everest. She has taken three cases of the North Jerky to give her the energy she will need and says the incredible nutrition this Canadian Superfood provides is exactly what she is looking for. “The trek is monumental and the hope is to be nourished with the scenery and seal meat along the way.”

It’s stories like this from amazing everyday folks like Robbie that we absolutely love. We will be following the inspirational Ms. Moyles through her epic adventure to Mount Everest and encourage you to follow along as well with us on Facebook and Instagram.

And to our new hero Robbie herself: Best of luck, godspeed and we are proud that our product can play even a little part of your success!

Onward and upward!

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When we first came up with “The Chef’s Seal” series we had some simple but important goals:

– Introduce seal to a new audience
– Showcase the fantastic chefs and restaurants that have looked past the propaganda to embrace a truly Canadian protein
– Let those who are responsible for choosing the products explain (in their own words) why seal deserves a place on the menu
– Encourage our fellow Canadians to get out and try it for themselves

To help achieve this we turned to the chefs themselves to tell their “Seal Story.” You may notice a theme among these chefs: they are all young, they are all talented, and they have all embraced a “local food” mindset when it comes to selecting product. They don’t settle for items that don’t meet their standards or do not fit into their vision. Everything they use is carefully selected and we are proud they have chosen SeaDNA seal meat for their menus.

Delicious, incredibly nutritious and truly sustainable; seal has been a part of Canada’s story for generations. We believe it is time for seal to take a step forward and for our country to embrace and utilize this gift mother nature has bestowed upon us.

We also wanted folks in Montreal to be able to see this video series and then, most importantly, make plans to go experience seal. So, we will focus on one establishment for a month before moving on to the next. We hope this will allow you at home the time to support the restaurants here in Montreal that are embracing and elevating our unique Canadian food identity.

Please enjoy this video series and share as much as possible!

The Chef: Simon Mathys

Simon Mathys is one of the bright lights on the Montreal culinary scene. A graduate of the École Hôtelière de Laval, Mathys has spent time in kitchens in both Quebec and France including Daniel Vézina’s Laurie-Raphaël, Bar & Boeuf, Racines and Bistro Accords.

Now the head chef at Manitoba, Mathys has been putting his visionary stamp on this great Montreal establishment since January of 2017.

The Dish: Smoked Butter Seal Loin

Chef Mathys: “The dish lends from the history of Indigenous Canadians and how they ate seal. It’s not exactly how they ate it but it’s inspired by it. It is served almost raw,  thinly sliced and it will be sprinkled with a smoked butter to replace the seal fat. Fresh seal fat is hard to get and less accessible, so we use smoked butter. I think that for customers to have a familiar taste, can help make seal easier to tame for the first time.  It is served with a kind of dip, but it’s a dry dip. We use buckwheat and during the summer we have picked a lot of flowers and herbs that are found locally. So we have a summer and winter version. Both are prepared in a similar way and it’s I find – a good way to eat it.”

Ingredients: Seal Tataki, Smoked Butter, Roasted Buckwheat, Wood Sorrel, Daylily, Marigold, Dried Sagebrush, Fleur de Sel

(Click here for recipe details)

The Place: Manitoba

An intimate and sophisticated but casual atmosphere sets the scene for fantastic cuisine focused on local ingredients.

As Manitoba says on their website“We wanted a taste of the forest in our plates, a taste of nature in our glasses, wood, rock, wind. But over all, we wanted to share in the simplicity of eating well, drinking well and having a good laugh together.” 

Mission well accomplished.

Manitoba Restaurant
271 Rue Saint Zotique Ouest

Montreal, QC
(514) 270-8000
Mon-Thu: 6 pm-1 pm
Fri & Sat: 6 pm-Midnight

For more information about SeaDNA Seal Products and the seal industry:

SeaDNA Seal Meat is prepared in CFIA/HACCP approved facilities and can be sold in any retail establishment from coast to coast to coast. For inquiries:






In the first episode of “The Chef’s Seal” we introduced you to Executive Chef Simon Mathys of Restaurant Manitoba and his delicious “Smoked Butter Seal” (Price : $16.00). Now we want to show you how to make this recipe at home (or at least give it the ol’ college try)!

Although the recipe does require a little effort to find the accompanying herbs and plants, it does not have a lot of cooking and is fairly easy to prepare for the whole family.

One seal loin is equal to about 5-6 portion.


  • 50 g of seal fillet (each fillet should make two-three servings depending on size)
  • 3 tbsp. of butter
  • A pinch of fleur de sel


  • 3 tbsp. Roasted buckwheat
  • A pinch of Oxalis
  • A pinch of daylily buds
  • A pinch of dried sagebrush
  • A pinch of dried calendula flowers


If you have a smoker, you can make smoked butter yourself. Just put the butter in a dish and put in the smoker for about 1 hour. Make sure the butter is melted before you add it to the seal fillet. If you do not own a smoker, you can simply melt the butter in the microwave.


  1. Sear the seal fillet in a very hot pan. Add oil before cooking the filet. It needs to be served very rare, similar to a “blue” cook on a steak. Sear the outside very well for about two minutes on each side. Let rest for 4-5 minutes. Click here for our Seal Loin Tataki Recipe and for the Recipe Video!
  2. Slice the seal fillet into very thin slices.
  3. Place the sliced seal fillet on a plate, arrange them as you see in the above photo.
  4. Place the roasted buckwheat next to the seal, followed by the remaining ingredients in the “dry dip.”
  5. Add about two tablespoons of the smoked butter over the seal meat.
  6. Finish with a pinch of fleur de sel.
  7. Serve and enjoy! At Restaurant Manitoba, Chef Simon Mathys encourages patrons to enjoy this meal with your hands, paying homage to how seal is traditionally enjoyed here in Canada. Simply grab a slice of seal with your fingers and run it through the “dry dip.” Deliciousness follows.

Where to find:

SeaDNA Seal Loin (*Recommended to call ahead to ensure availability)

Poissonnerie la Mer
1840 René-Lévesque Blvd East
Montreal, QC
(514) 522-3003 (ext. 231)

Quebec City:
Poisson d’Or
960 Cartier Avenue
Quebec, QC
(581) 300-1510

Other stores where to buy seal meat.

Dry Dip Ingredients
(These could be a little harder to find. Feel free to experiment with herbs that have similar flavour profiles)

Roasted Buckwheat:

Can be found at many specialty and normal supermarkets. Examples in Montreal: AVRIL SUPERMARKET SANTÉ or at ALIMENTS TRIGONE.


You can find this flowering plant in many forests across North America. The edible herb has an acidic flavour profile. This can be harder to find but is available via foraging or contacting local plant stores.


This wild flower is both delicious and fragrant. Available at many local plant and flower stores

Sagebrush (Wormwood or mugwort):

This plant brings an earthy, herbal boost to the dish. This is the plant that can create Absinthe. Can be found at local plant and flower stores.

Calendula (Marigold):

Known for a similar taste to saffron, the flowers bring a unique color and taste. A common garden staple, it can also be found at specialty markets and local plant and flower stores.


When we first put the call out for Seal Fest we were incredibly intrigued to see what the talented chefs in Montreal and Quebec City would whip up. But even we couldn’t have dreamed of what we are now seeing on offer. 

Seal Fest was launched to introduce this great and sustainable Canadian resource to as many people as possible and thanks to these imaginative restaurants there has never been a better time to experience it in Quebec.

Let us promise: all 13 establishments taking part have blown our minds with their creativity and magic in making our taste buds bounce. Seal is sustainable, delicious and wildly nutritious and a true Canadian tradition.

Experience it this week and enjoy it for a lifetime!

See below for a detailed list of the incredible seal creations that awaits you from now until April 1 2018!

For tickets and information on the event: www.




Seal tataki with sweet potato gratin, coconut and Kafir leaf and red cabbage salad with Ponzu.

Glass of red wine – California Merlot Talus

$16 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Nom Nom Canteen
901 Rue Square Victoria (W Hotel)




Seal tataki, “Blanc de gris” oyster mushroom, black garlic purée from Quebec, salicorne and dulse.

Bloody Ceaser made Radoune gin, salt of algae and mushrooms

$ 15 (Alcoholic beverage included)

ITHQ Restaurant
3535 Rue Saint-Denis Montreal
(514) 282-5155




Seal loin, black beer caramel, sea buckthorn berry gel, salt of wild mushrooms, mustard caviar and fried lichen.

Red wine or glass of Farnham beer

$14 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Caribou Gourmand
5308 Boulevard St-Laurent
(438) -387 to 6677




Seal croquette, béarnaise sauce with tarragon, spinach salad with berries and salicorne.

Selection of wine and beers

14$ (Alcoholic beverage included)

211 Rue Notre-Dame West
(514) 272-0777




Seal filet rillettes with apple chutney, sea buckthorn berry and salicorne.

Homemade cocktail with Quebec Wendigo gin (sea buckthorn gin)

$17 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Le Local
740 Rue William
(514) 397-7737




Southwest style seal garnished with steak spices + rice, shrimp and ham croquette

Yin & yang cinsault-syrah from Ardèche Nature

$17 (Alcoholic beverage included)

6389 Rue St-Laurent
(438) 381-6389



Tostada of grilled seal, bacon and onion relish, golden raisins, mole

House cocktail: “Ô Phoque”  – tequila Cazadores reposado – absinthe Balzac – St-Laurent Gin – mole bitter – agave syrup with spices  

$15 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Grumman 78
630 Rue de Courcelle
(514) 290-5125



Seal loin, Matane shrimp, ricotta, pear and sunflower.

Specially selected red wine

$15 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Comptoir Rhubarbe
5091 Rue De Lanaudière Street
(514) 903-3395




Gravlax of seal with rum and heather, creamy parsnip, kimchi with cuttlefish ink, parmesan crumble, horseradish meringue, sea buckthorn berry gel and red cabbage water with dill.

Selection of beer

$14.25 (Alcoholic beverage included)

5955 Rue Saint-Laurent,
Lévis, QC
(418) 380-2505



Seared seal, squash puree, raw mustard, herb emulsion

Blaufränkisch – House Meinklang (Austria)

$17 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Kraken Cru
190 Rue Saint-Vallier West
Quebec City
(581) 741-9099



Seal tartare, fresh cheese, fresh cranberries, dulse, vinaigrette, homemade bannock bread

Miscela cuvée rose from the Lammidia estate

$14 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Le Moine Echanson
585 Rue Saint-Jean
Quebec City
(418) 524-7832



Seal country style pâté wrapped in bacon

Calijo – Apple brandy

$14 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Le Pied Bleu
179 Rue Saint-Vallier West
Quebec City
(418) 914-3554



Seal Tataki, Celeriac Puree with Berries and Blackberry Sorbet

Red wine – Cabernet 2013

$20 (Alcoholic beverage included)

Louise Tavern & Wine Bar
48 Rue Saint-Paul
Quebec City
(418) 780-7255


Don’t forget to call the restaurant for your reservation!

For the tickets:

An Omega-3 That Is Truly Canadian

It’s amazing how proud Canadians are of their country and how they celebrate products from right here at home. We know that our waters and lands are clean, our government regulations are strict but fair, and products that come to our table from Canada are world-class and safe for you and your family. They have to be.

So, when it comes to Omega-3 supplements we encourage you to go Canadian. No Omega-3 screams Canada more than SeaDNA Seal Oil.

This nation can be a tough place to live. It’s cold. It’s harsh. But mother nature provides. And for folks in the most remote parts of our country, seal has been a critical resource for generations. Seal’s unique nutrition value has helped allowed those without regular access to fruits or vegetables to not only survive, but thrive.

It is from our waters and from this amazing resource that SeaDNA harvests our Omega-3 Seal Oil. Naturally different from other Omega-3 supplements, seal oil provides not only EPA and DHA but the rare fatty acid DPA, which has amazing properties itself. 

Science has shown DPA isn’t only more efficient than EPA at promoting arterial health, it also helps the body integrate and utilized all three fatty acids at a greater level than fish oils. This suggests the health benefits an Omega-3 brings are felt just a little more readily when you choose seal oil. (Link: What is DPA?)

SeaDNA Omega-3 capsules huile de loup marin_seal oil


A recent article in the Financial Times: “Fisheries challenged by rising cost of fish oil in feed”points out some of the issues that come from sourcing fish-based Omega-3’s. From over-fishing to genetic modification to sustainability concerns to the harvesting of fish stocks mainly from South America and not Canada, it’s all in there.

None of these issues exist with our harp seal oil.

The harp seal population in the North Atlantic is incredibly abundant. The seal herd is an estimated 7.5 million or more (according to Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans) and is growing annually. The DFO’s quota-based and strictly enforced harvest means that this resource, our Canadian resource, will be responsibly used and not over-fished. (Link: DFO Sealing Website)


When it comes to your Omega-3 you can choose a product that is natural, wild harvested from our icy waters, has unique Omega-3 properties, is pure and never concentrated, is of the highest quality, and is guaranteed Canadian front to back…or you can choose not to.

We encourage all Omega-3 users to look at a new choice, the complete choice: SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil.

For more information or to order:

Also available on Amazon at:




If you’ve ever logged on to then you’ve probably seen a simple statement. Four little words that encapsulate what SeaDNA Canada is all about:


With this in mind we are gearing up for the biggest health show in Eastern Canada: CHFA Toronto.

The Canadian Health Food Association’s health show in T.O. brings together a “who’s who” of the industry in one (large and extremely busy) place. Over 850 exhibitors representing the best in the Canadian health industry will assemble at the Toronto Convention Centre on September 16th and 17th. SeaDNA is proud that our great seal products will be showcased to this educated and experienced crowd of health product experts.

SeaDNA will be presenting three products at CHFA:

  • Our Omega-3 Seal Oil capsules
  • Our Omega-3 Seal Oil in free form *New*
  • Our Chipotle, Pepper & Maple Seal Jerky *New*


Both SeaDNA capsules and our new Lemon Oil have the same great properties and are a natural alternative to the often highly concentrated oils that promise artificially increased levels of EPA and DHA.

Why Seal Oil?

1/ Contains DPA:

DPA occurs naturally in few places: Seal Oil and a mother’s breast milk are two.  DPA intensifies the benefits of traditional Omega-3’s (DHA and EPA).


2/ 10 X More Effective:

The maximal stimulation of endothelial cell migration by DPA can be achieved using only 1/10 of the required EPA concentration.

3/ Easy to digest:

The mammalian molecular triglyceride structure of the seal is more easily accepted by the human body which means no “fishy burps” and optimal absorption for better results.


More Omega-3 Every Day:

Only 1 teaspoon equals 800mg of DHA+EPA+DPA!

Even Better Absorption:

Seal oil molecules have Omega-3 fats primarily in the sn-1 and sn-3 positions as opposed to the sn-2 position of fish oil. Fats in the sn-3 position are more readily absorbed by the body. In a liquid form seal oil has been shown to promote even faster absorption, leading to greater effectiveness.

Ideal For Kids:

No capsules to swallow and easy to add to the morning juice!

Easy To Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine:

Add it to your smoothie or salad!


The great, natural benefits seal can provide can also be found in our new seal jerky, which we are excited to also present at CHFA East.

A quick search of the Googles will tell you that a “Superfood” is defined as “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

They are foods that offer something special. An extra boost from mother nature that separates it from the pack.

SeaDNA Seal Jerky is exactly this. In fact, it might just be the most nutritious jerky option on the market. Check this out:

Yes. Those are the correct values. For each 30g serving you get 15g of protein. This ratio is almost unheard of. And it has plenty of other great health benefits too.

Oh, We should also mention that SeaDNA Seal Jerky tastes fantastic!

Our smoky blend of chipotle, pepper & maple compliments the natural taste of the seal to create a high-energy, delicious jerky product that stands alone among its peers.

The good folks behind CHFA East in Toronto proclaim in their show preview that “there’s always something new to discover.”

We agree.

SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil and our natural Seal Jerky are ready to be discovered and experienced as this evolution of a Canadian tradition continues. 

SeaDNA Canada will be in Booth 2112 at the Canada Health Food Association’s East Trade Show in Toronto on September 16th and 17th.

For more information on SeaDNA Canada: or email


Our seal products are approved and certified by:



(1) F.Shahidi, et al. Seal blubber oil: a novel source of w3 fatty acids, 1996.

(2) Toshie Kanayasu-Toyoda, et al. Docosapentaenoic acid (22:5, n-3), an elongation metabolite of eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5, n-3), is a potent stimulator of endothelial cell migration on pretreatment in vitro, 1996.

(3) Neil J. Mann, et al. Effects of seal oil and tuna-fish oil on platelet parameters and plasma lipid levels in healthy subjects, epub, 2010.

(4) Wang J, et al. Effect of chemical randomization on positional distribution and stability of omega-3 oil triacylglycerols, 2010.

(5) Mason RP, Sherratt SC.Omega-3 fatty acid fish oil dietary supplements contain saturated fats and oxidized lipids that may interfere with their intended biological benefits, 2017.

(6) Mann NJ, et al. Effects of seal oil and tuna-fish oil on platelet parameters and plasma lipid levels in healthy subjects, 2010.


Seal Showcase at YUL EAT!

One of the most anticipated culinary events of the summer is right around the corner and we at SeaDNA are thrilled that seal is taking center stage.

YUL EAT brings together the epicurious looking to explore unique tastes and new experiences. We can safely say both will be delivered by the talented chefs utilizing our incredibly nutritious and delicious seal offerings.

For the chefs who are drawn to seal, it can be an inspiration. Locally sourced, sustainable, secure and uniquely Canadian; it serves as the canvas for these culinary artists.

Jonathan Lapierre-Rehayem and Ben Lenglet are two that have been captivated by seal. Together they are helping to mold the next generation of great Quebec chefs at the Institute de Tourisme et d’Hotellerie du Quebec (ITHQ) here in Montreal. And we are proud that their pupils will also be taking part in YUL EAT alongside their instructors, showcasing their world-class skills that belie their “student” label.

As a team Lapierre-Rehayem and Lenglet have worked with their students to produce something truly special for YUL EAT. Taking influence from Lapierre-Rehayem’s travels across Asia, this spirit will be infused with local products to take attendees on a culinary journey.

Their offering will see Yakitori style seal loin paired with deer heart and smoked bacon, lacquered with a maple-soya glaze. A homemade kimchi finishes the preparation, elevating the dish to a new level.

Their offering will be available in the Smokehouse area of YUL EAT on Sunday, September 3rd.

Also bringing seal to the masses at YUL EAT will be Marcelo Argueta. Passionate about quality local ingredients, his Northern inspired creation will be available in Le Parcours Gourmand on Saturday, September 2nd.

Le Parcours offers smaller bites than the Smokehouse and Argueta has designed a dish that combines his extensive skill and his love for wild flavours.

Utilizing unique and delicious seal sausage prepared by the most talented seal artisan on the East Coast, Argueta has worked hard to find Nordic and traditional ingredients to complete the offering.

Argueta will pair the seal sausage with mustard green chips, marigold and a sorrel emulsion. The ingredients intimate the seal’s natural environment and the clean and tasty offering will leave you in awe. Le Parcours Gourmand will open at noon on Saturday.

We encourage everyone to head down to YUL EAT, experience a fantastic culinary event and of course, discover just how amazing seal can be! More information can be found at:

For more information on SeaDNA’s CFIA approved seal meat you can contact us directly at or log on to our website at:

If you are thinking about adding it to your restaurant menu, seal is considered a fish and not a game meat and is therefore able to be served at any restaurant in Canada. For ordering information and a price list contact us at

Here’s a video from YUL EAT.

Here’s an article from Journal le Métro.


Cholesterol & SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil : Amazing Testimonial

We at SeaDNA believe our Omega-3 Seal Oil is the best and most complete supplement option for consumers.
We regularly promote its benefits here. But every once in a while we get an email from one of our customers that absolutely blows us away. Today was one of these days. 

SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil has science behind it that shows it can be incredibly effective at combating bad cholesterol ratios. We have outlined the benefits and the studies on our website at:


There is though no replacement for actual, tangible results and we are proud to say it appears this is the case. This letter came to us from a SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil customer in Alberta:
To SeaDNA,
I am a 61-year-old female who had been blessed with flawless health right up until I was 56 when I was diagnosed with severe tinnitus and its related symptoms including ear pressure and migraine headaches. Over the past 5 years the stress associated with this condition has wreaked havoc with many of my body’s systems, including indirectly affecting my bad cholesterol (LDL).
My cholesterol readings for the past five blood work check-ups were as follows:
Cholesterol: 5.04 – 6.27 – 6.13 – 6.43 – 6.27
HDL: 2.21 – 2.49 – 2.31 – 2.16 – 2.30
LDL: 2.49 – 3.46 – 3.31 – 3.91 – 3.52
My GP held off recommending a statin drug because he said my HDL readings were decent and lessened his concern with my rising LDL until…April 2017. At this time he encouraged me to take the statin drug, which actually scared me as I have low tolerance for prescription meds and all their various side effects and didn’t want to start on a powerful statin if I didn’t have to.
At this point, I asked my GP to give me 3 months so I could do some research and speak with a homeopath friend. It was this homeopath who actually recommended seal oil and provided the link to SeaDNA.
For the next 3 months I steadfastly took 6 seal oil capsules each day, along with increasing the cholesterol lowering fruits and veggies in my diet, increasing my daily water consumption, reducing simple sugars, and increasing my level of exercise weekly.
Yesterday, I got my blood work results back and was thoroughly amazed and ecstatic!
Here are my results:
Cholesterol: 5.20
HDL: 2.60
LDL: 2.33
So you can see that my good cholesterol (HDL) went up and my bad cholesterol (LDL) went down affecting my overall cholesterol in a positive way.
I attribute my success to all of the above, but truly do not think my results would have been quite as dramatic without the seal oil. I’m definitely a convert and would highly recommend that anyone with similar concerns about embarking on a prescription med path do the 3 month trial beforehand. You too, may be pleasantly surprised and empowered about taking some control back over your life!
Thanks SeaDNA ; )
 Calgary, AB
These results are exactly why we believe so strongly in this great Canadian product. It is naturally different thanks to the power of DPA and its fantastic HDL/LDL ratio and could be what makes a positive difference for your health as well. As always though, please consult your own doctor before making a major change to scheduled prescription medications. 

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