SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil: The Quality Supplement


It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in the supplement industry.  It signifies purity and safety. A product you can be assured is healthy for your family.


When you have it, you aren’t afraid to tell others why you have it. It’s not boasting when it’s truth.


It’s the backbone of our company and we have dedicated ourselves to it. We assure you SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil is a product that is natural, unique, pure and Canadian.

“Sure”, you say. “That’s nice. Now prove it.”

Now, this might get a little technical in spots. But we’ll do our best to keep it as simple as possible.

Heavy Metals 

Let’s start with something everyone recognizes as a serious health concern: heavy metals.

These can build up in the body leading to numerous health issues. Mercury and lead are probably the two that most can name off the top of their head. You can be assured though, these will never be a part of your SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil.

When we look at heavy metal levels in Omega-3 supplements, the industry standard baseline has been set by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3’s (GOED). The non-profit organization helps ensure best practices are followed and all Omega-3 supplements are safe.

GOED has decided that when it comes to heavy metals, the Maximum Acceptable Level (MAL) is 0.1 mg / kg. In more common terms, this is 0.1 Parts Per Million (PPM).  

As revealed through our third-party quality testing: the lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic content of SeaDNA Seal Oil were less than 0.01 parts per million (ppm).

*Results of SeaDNA seal oil analysis (November 2016)

Dangerous Chemicals
Next up, let’s examine dangerous chemicals such as dioxins, furans and PCB’s. They can be naturally occurring or the result of industrial processes. Either way, they have a habit of making it into the food chain.

Health Canada states that the daily “tolerable limit” for dioxins and furans is approximately 2.3 picograms / kg of body weight.

A picogram is an extremely small quantity: 1-trillionth of a gram. By these standards, an individual weighing 80 kg can safely ingest 184 picograms per day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has set maximum limits of 1.00 picograms / kg for the supplement industry. They are extremely stringent.

SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil is well below each limit and is a leader in this category in the industry. You would literally need to eat hundreds and hundreds of SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil capsules to even come close to Health Canada’s daily limit.

 *Results of SeaDNA seal oil analysis (May 2016).

SeaDNA Seal Oil Refining

Oxidative Stability

Another huge quality factor is the oxidative factor of an Omega-3. These are broken down into two main categories: Peroxide Value (which measures the rancidity of an oil at the start of the process) and P-Anisidine Value (which measures the rancidity of an oil once it has been processed).

You want both these numbers to be as low as possible. It shows the quality you start with and the quality of the processing. 

Again, SeaDNA is far and away well below these limits. The quality is there from the start and it continues through our world-class production process.

The final test we need to look at involving chemicals and impurities is the TOTOX Test. And this one is what it sounds like: a test of the total oxidation in an Omega-3 product. SeaDNA Seal Oil is less sensitive than fish oil to natural lipid oxidation. This is due to the predominant positioning of Triglycerides in seal oil in Sn1 and Sn3 as opposed to fish oil’s Sn2 positioning which oxides more easily.

And once again, SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil excels, proving its safety and quality:

*Results of SeaDNA seal oil analysis (May 2016).


Usine de transformation

Disintegration and Dissolution Test

You have this scientifically-proven quality Omega-3 product, now you want your body to utilize it as well as possible.

The industry standard for this is something called a “Disintegration and Dissolution Test.” It measures how quickly a supplement disintegrates (break apart) and dissolves in the stomach. The faster this happens, the sooner the body can begin to utilize all the benefits an Omega-3 provides.  The maximum allowed time is a whopping 15 minutes.

Yet again, using the test USP <2040>, SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil aces this exam. At an average disintegration time of an average of 38 seconds:

*Results of SeaDNA seal oil analysis (Feb. 2017).

So, we’ve illustrated the science showing SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil is free of heavy metals and doesn’t even come close to exceeding the limits of the WHO and Health Canada for dioxins, furans and PCB’s.  We’ve seen how this natural product starts with quality and ends with quality. The TOTOX Value demonstrates just how pure it is and we’ve also seen just how quickly it’s integrated into the body.

All of this is guaranteed by our third-party testing of each batch (available upon request) and Health Canada issuing SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil a Natural Product Number.

Like we said, it’s not bragging if it’s the truth.  

And the truth is: SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil has industry leading…you guessed it…quality.  







Omega-3 Seal Oil: The Athlete’s Choice ???? ???? ???? ????

Whether it’s hitting the gym, the trails or the rink; the inner push to improve is the spark that ignites that fire. You know all too well the dedication that comes with those early mornings and long days. You put the work in and you expect to see results.  The benefit of traditional Omega-3 supplements has been well documented for those who push their body to the limit. But is fish oil Omega-3 really the best option for you?   


Not only does SeaDNA seal oil provide EPA and DHA, the fatty acids at the heart of Omega-3 supplements, but it naturally contains a third in DPA.  Science has shown DPA to be an extremely beneficial addition to the basic EPA and DHA fish oils contain.


  • Is 10 X more efficient than EPA in repairing damaged vessels. 
  • Optimizes Omega-3 intake. 
  • Boosts all key omega-3’s: DPA, EPA & DHA.
  • Is a better antiplatelet than EPA and DHA, reducing the risk of blood clots.

And SeaDNA seal oil does this all without being chemically modified!


For many, their Omega-3 supplement can be a catch-22. You know you need it, but you hate those familiar and always unwelcome “fishy burps.” But with SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal oil these will be a thing of the past.

Due to the seal being a mammal and us humans being the same, our bodies have little trouble digesting and absorbing the benefits SeaDNA Omega-3 delivers. The Sn-1 and Sn-3 positioning of the seal oil triglycerides is identical to what we have in our own bodies. So, the integration of the benefits SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil provides is quick and effective.



For athletes and people with active lifestyle, one of the most prominent studies on seal oil was conducted here in Canada at the University of Toronto (Lewis et al, 2015).

Among the findings of the study after only a few weeks comparing non-users to those who did use seal oil:

  1. Seal oil helped increase VO2Max capability by aiding blood flow to capillary beds, the source of oxygen integration through the bloodstream.
  2. Seal oil boosted max force and max contraction in muscles. The most significant increase was around 20%.
  3. Seal oil led to reduced fatigue. The study showed an almost 5% difference on the Wingate test.
  4. Seal oil supplementation produced noticeable results in both neuromuscular and overall performance.


Science has also examined how seal oil can aid in recovery and has revealed some striking benefits. One of the most impressive is how well seal oil performs in repairing damaged vessels, a common ailment among athletes. It most often surfaces in the form of ruptured capillaries or bruising.

A study published by researchers in Japan (Toshie Kanayasu-Toyoda) discovered that DPA was 10x more effective than EPA alone when it came to repairing damage vessels.



The data also suggests the effect of EPA on endothelial cell migration occurs via DPA, and that DPA plays an important role in repairing damaged vessels. SeaDNA Omega-3 Seal Oil is one of the few places on earth where DPA occurs naturally.



You demand the best of yourself. Now it’s time to give yourself the best.